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Szanowne Pacjentki i Szanowni Pacjenci!
To meet the needs and out of concern for you, from wprowadziliśmy telekonsultacje dla dotychczasowych Pacjentów FemiClinic.
  endocrine teleconsultations
– telekonsultacje ginekologiczno-położnicze
Telekonsultacje stanowią alternatywę dla wizyt stacjonarnych w przypadku Państwa choroby czy wyjazdu.
Contact at the following phone numbers: 510 511 511 and 22 827 55 55.

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Our mission

FemiClinic is a place created by Dr. Marta Blumska-Janiak, obstetrics and gynecology specialist and aesthetic gynecologist, and Mr. Jacek Rajnowski-Janiak, manager with many years of experience and success in management. FemiClinic was created primarily for women. With care for them, their needs and expectations. We are pleased to cooperate with excellent specialists in both obstetrics and gynecology, as well as endocrinology, ultrasound and genetic tests, rehabilitation and dietetics. Our mission is to provide medical services and care on the highest level, and the goal is to ensure health and comfort of our patients.

Femiclinic offer

Modern gynecology
Healthy pregnancy
Aesthetic gynecology
Gynecological laser
therapy center
Prenatal ultrasound
Prenatal diagnosis

Thyroid and breast biopsies
Urogynecological rehabilitation
School of childbirth
Training for doctors

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